Counterfeit Crimes Photo: Are You Part of the Black Market?

Counterfeit Crimes: Are You Part of the Black Market?

From high tech to hands on, this new permanent gallery will bring awareness to an illegal activity that effects the everyday lives of visitors. Read More
Securing the Homeland - ICE Temporary Exhibit Photo

Securing the Homeland - ICE Temporary Exhibit

Learn about the role and work of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a law enforcement agency within the Department of Homeland Security. Read More
2 Attraction Pass: Crime Museum & Madame Tussaud's Photo

2 Attraction Pass: Crime Museum & Madame Tussaud's

2 Great Attractions -- One Great Price -- Save $12 Read More
Crime Library Photo

Crime Library

Find out more about the museum's artifacts and famous moments in crime history. Read More

Crime Blog

Human skulls and forensic anthropology are changing together.... [more]
Rayful Edmond: The profile of a Kingpin.... [more]
9 Early Warning Signs for Serial Killers.... [more]

Crime Museum Reviews


Reasons to Visit

The Crime Museum, is one of the best museums in Washington DC and one of the top things to do in DC. Out of all the Washington DC Museums the Crime Museum is a local favorite and features 5 distinct galleries with over 500 amazing artifacts.

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Kids & Families

The Crime Museum is committed to offering an experience that the whole family can enjoy. Through an interactive learning experience the museum highlights the history of the judicial system, internet safety, the consequences of crime, and more.

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Forensic Science Workshops

Learn about our hands-on public workshops taught by actual forensic scientists. As our team of experts guide you through true CSI techniques and forensic applications, you will interpret the clues and solve the case.

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Temporary Exhibit

The museum features compelling temporary exhibits. Working with various organizations, important topics are highlighted. Past exhibits have included; Crimes Against Marine Life; the US Marshal Service; and Lincoln Assassin, Mary Surratt.

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