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Don’t Become A Victim

Travel Safe Tips

Before You Travel:

  • Learn about the country you are visiting, including its infrastructure and laws.
  • Obtain phone numbers for the closest U.S. Embassy, local emergency assistance and public safety offices.
  • Prepare for any health risks and possible need for medical treatment. Visit your doctor or healthcare professional. Make copies of your health records and a list of prescription drugs you are taking. Bring a supply of all medicines with you.
  • Discuss with wireless provider international usage and carry cell with you at all times.
  • Make copies of legal documents and pack separately.
  • Know your rights.

While You’re Traveling:

  • Use extra caution when you are in crowded tourist sites, elevators, subways, train stations and festivals and avoid marginal or less traveled areas of the country.
  • There is strength in numbers, so never travel alone — always use the buddy system.
  • Constantly be aware of your surroundings – never let your guard down or have a false sense of security.
  • Never allow a friend to leave alone or leave with someone you or they do not know
  • Do not purchase drugs – drugs are illegal in every country and laws are strictly enforced.
  • Be respectful of the country you are visiting and its citizens.

Traveling Preparedness

Crime is often prevented by being prepared. NHRC has put together a checklist for your to complete when traveling.

Please complete this form prior to traveling and bring it with you, you should also leave a copy with a family member that isn’t traveling with you.

Teachers/Group Leaders: If you are traveling with your students/group, we recommend that you implement this as a homework assignment. Please contact us directly for our travel curriculum at .

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