blackstoneMurder? Sir William Blackstone, an 18th century English judge, is known for writing Commentaries on the Laws of England. This work was the original foundation for legal education in America and dominated the common law legal system for centuries. Blackstone broke the definition of murder down into five elements: 1. Unlawful 2. killing 3. of... Read more

Recent Supreme Court Decisions

Supreme-Court These cases may not be Marbury v. Madison or Brown v. Board of Education, but they are still landmarks in the legal system. Here’s a list of the top ten Supreme Court Cases from the last five years.
  1. National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius (2012)—In what is casually known as... Read more

Pro Se: Representing Yourself in Court

Pro Se is a legal term that comes from Latin, meaning ‘for oneself’. It essentially means that a person is choosing to represent him or herself in court without the help of an attorney. In the United States’ legal system, every individual is guaranteed, by the sixth amendment, the right to an appointed counsel, and also the right to represent him or herself... Read more