Human Skulls and Forensic Anthropology

Sobo_1909_38 There are 29 bones (hyoid included) in the human skull, and for many years anthropologists have been using markers from this area of the body to determine sex, age, race, and to make personal identifications. However, forensic anthropology is a science that is greatly affected by changes and new developments in social morays... Read more

Update: Amanda Knox’s Story

Amanda Knox BlogJanuary 30, 2014 Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were found guilty by an Italian appeals court for the 2007 murder of Knox’s roommate, Meredith Kercher. They were first convicted of the murder in 2009 and each served four years in Italian prison; however, in 2011, an appeals court acquitted them... Read more

Truly Chilling

Truly Chilling: Here at the Crime Museum we have a particular interest in bizarre crimes, especially in October, when we’re working to bring you Fright at the Museum. Working with Kalila Smith, an expert on New Orleans history and the paranormal, we bring you a series of discussions of history’s creepiest crimes, from the perspectives of paranormal experts and forensic scientists... Read more