Do You Have Your Father’s Nose?

Do you have your father's nose? There are 29 bones (hyoid included) in the human skull, and for many years anthropologists have been using markers from this area of the body to determine sex, age, race, and to make personal identifications. However, forensic anthropology is a science that is greatly affected by changes and new developments in social morays and... Read more

Pro Se: Representing Yourself in Court

Pro Se is a legal term that comes from Latin, meaning ‘for oneself’. It essentially means that you are representing yourself in court by choice without the help of an attorney. In the United States’ legal system, every individual is guaranteed, by the sixth amendment, the right to an appointed counsel, and also the right to represent him or herself in court. People... Read more

Bass Reeves: The Real Lone Ranger?

Walt Disney Films released The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. The story, of course, is nothing new. The Lone Ranger today is an icon of the 20th century. His story represents a romanticized version of the "Wild West" with all its rough and tumble glory. The Lone Ranger is a hero, saving the lives of innocent settlers and catching... Read more