Pro Se: Representing Yourself in Court

Pro Se is a legal term that comes from Latin, meaning ‘for oneself’. It essentially means that you are representing yourself in court by choice without the help of an attorney. In the United States’ legal system, every individual is guaranteed, by the sixth amendment, the right to an appointed counsel, and also the right to represent him or herself in court. People... Read more

Profiles in Crime: Rayful Edmond

Rayful Edmond: The profile of a Kingpin. Called the John Gotti of Washington, D.C., notorious gangster Rayful Edmond terrorized and awed the Washington metropolitan area in the mid to late 1980’s with his tight control of the crack cocaine trade and accompanying lavish spending sprees. Known for dropping several thousand dollars a night at clubs, Edmond supposedly spent over $400,000 at a... Read more

9 Early Warning Signs for Serial Killers

BundyLong 9 Early Warning Signs for Serial Killers. Worried that antisocial kid in school might grow up to be a cold-blooded murderer? Here's 9 early warning signs for serial killers. Remember, however, these traits and signs are just a guideline. Think twice before crying “serial killer” on your weird neighbor.
    1. Ed Gein circa 1957
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