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CrossMatchThe National Museum of Crime & Punishment (NMCP) offers a variety of partnerships to help promote your organization or cause.

Described by Good Morning America as a “must see for CSI fans,” the National Museum of Crime & Punishment includes a crime scene lab and the filming studios for America’s Most Wanted.

Explore the technology and science behind solving crimes, discover the heroes of law enforcement, and venture into the dark side of the criminal mind. A virtual high-speed police-chase, John Dillinger’s getaway car, and hundreds of interactives and artifacts pertaining to America’s favorite subject fill the 3-floor, 25,000 square foot museum.

Your company or cause can be branded within these galleries or by sponsoring an exhibit.

We estimate half a million visitors will come into the museum annually and about two thousand people walk by our museum front each hour.

NMCP has several partnership opportunities that would give your organization exposure.

Item Distribution Cost
Website/Appropriate Package Web $3,000 per year
Guest Ticket/Receipt Guests through museum $3,500 per year
Group Sales Sheet Teachers and Schools Across USA $4,000 per year
Local Coupon Tourists and Local Business $5,000 per year
Area Map/Brochure Tourists and Local Business $7,500 per year

To inquire about opportunities please email or call 202-621-5556

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