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Winona Ryder was arrested in 2001 for shoplifting in Saks Fifth Avenue. Security footage captured Ryder gathering items throughout the store. Suspicious that she may try to steal the items, security manager, Keith Evans, sent a guard to watch her. After gathering her items, Ryder used the changing room with security guard, Colleen Rainey, close behind. Rainey claims that she saw Ryder trying to cut the security tags off of the clothing. After spending time in the changing room, she purchased a leather jacket and two blouses totaling over $3,000.

Guards confronted Winona as she left, asking if she planned to pay for the unpaid items she was leaving the store with. She replied, “didn’t my assistant pay for it?” though she entered the store alone. She was detained and immediately apologized, claiming she was instructed to shop lift to prepare for a film role.

In court, Ryder claimed that the guards were abusive and went through personal effects, victimizing her. The judge and jury were not convinced and sentenced her to 36 months’ probation, 480 hours of community service, a small fine, and counseling.

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