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Dateline NBC
Dateline NBC began airing on NBC in 1992 and has been running for 25 seasons. The show is hosted by Lester Holt, although a rotating cast in the past has included famous names such as Katie Couric and Maria Shriver. The investigative reporting on behalf of the show surpasses what is usually seen in news programs. The stories they run on the show are mostly focused on true crime. Witnesses are interviewed as well as victims and survivors, and the coverage is in-depth. They even bring experts in when necessary.

Each hour is devoted solely to one story. They deliver these stories to the public with catchy titles, like “Twelve Minutes on Elm Street” and “The Secrets of Cottonwood Creek.”

Dateline NBC has been nominated for 76 awards and has won 30.

Their website offers interactivity for viewers, including updates on crimes they’ve covered, previews for upcoming episodes, and full episodes. For the truly interested, they include documents from some court cases, as well as security camera videos of crimes. They also provide links to NBC news stories when relevant. On a more somber note, they also include memorials to remember victims who have not been lucky enough to escape with their lives.

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