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DB Cooper was a man who hijacked a 1971 plane in an attempt to get $200,000. What is unique about his situation, however, is the fact that Cooper has never been found. Only his alias remains, not a single other clue. The money disappeared, and the case remains unsolved to this day.

It all began on an ordinary flight, Northwest Airlines Flight 305. 36 passengers were onboard when Cooper informed them that his briefcase contained a bomb. Alarmed, the plane’s passengers and pilot and crew yielded to his wishes.

The pilot and control tower communicated, resulting in the delivery of $200,000 and parachutes to the plane, as per Cooper’s request. Next, Cooper asked the plane to go to Mexico so that he could parachute out. The plane flew low to make this easier.

However, Cooper did not wait until they reached Mexico to leave. He jumped much earlier, when they headed towards Nevada. Five different planes were following Flight 305, but they still could not track Cooper.

The FBI maintains that Cooper most likely could not have survived, but neither a body nor the money was found, making this one of the most famous disappearances in US history.

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