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A forensic biologist is a type of forensic investigator who, according to the Division of Criminal Investigation in South Dakota, “conducts examinations to locate and identify blood, semen, saliva and other body fluids on items of physical evidence. DNA testing is then performed to determine possible sources of the body fluids identified.” The forensic biologist has a complicated and essential job.

The requirements for a job as a forensic biologist are a bachelor’s degree in an applicable field; specifically, biology and/or chemistry, with a preference towards forensic specializations within these disciplines. The forensic biologist needs to have experience in three locales: the laboratory, where manual analysis will be performed; the crime scene, where biological samples may be collected; and the computer lab, where information collected in the prior two locations will be assessed and checked against national records.

The forensic biologist’s career is hard and can often seem repetitive, but it is rewarding and absolutely essential to the process of crime scene investigation. Forensic biologists must pay close attention to detail because their work is carefully scrutinized in any trial that may proceed based on their work.

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