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Ten-year-old Anthony Martinez was kidnapped in Beaumont, California on April 4, 1997. Martinez was violently abducted 20 feet from his home by an unknown man. He was taken in front of his younger brother and cousin, whom he had fought to protect. Michael Streed was immediately called in and began to work with the traumatized young boys to generate a sketch of the man. After a long interview with the boys, Streed was able to come up with a sketch which was released to the media. Many tips were called in as a result, but sadly none panned out and Anthony’s body was found in the desert 10 days later.

Years went by and Streed reworked and updated the sketch many times with the help of witnesses. The case was cold until 8 years later in 2005, a man named Joseph Edward Duncan III was arrested in Idaho for the murder of a family and the abduction of their daughter. After his arrest police in Idaho noticed the resemblance between Duncan and Streed’s sketch of Anthony’s killer. Duncan’s fingerprints were matched to partials found in Anthony’s case and the case was finally solved thanks to Streed’s sketch. Duncan is now on death row in federal prison for his crimes.

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