graaham&woodGwendolyn Graham, born August 6, 1964, is an American serial killer. Graham was a nursing aide in Michigan’s Alpine Manor.

Cathy Wood, who also worked at the nursing home, befriended Graham, in 1986. Soon after, they became lovers. In the relationship, Graham was dominant over Wood, in all ways. However, Wood was not innocent. Together, the two created a terrible plan, based in their love. They would murder people whose initials would spell “murder.”

They soon abandoned the spelling plan, but the murders continued as Graham tried to prove the love that she had for Wood. However, Wood and Graham parted ways soon after. Wood, feeling guilty, told her ex-husband about the murders, and soon, the police were informed.

Graham received five life sentences for the five murders and conspiracy to commit murder in 1989. To this day, she is serving her sentence in the Huron Valley Correctional Complex. Wood received a sentenced based on her guilty plea of one charge of conspiracy to commit murder and one charge of second-degree murder. She received 40 years, and has been eligible for parole since 2005. She is still serving her sentence in the Federal Correction Institution in Tallahassee, Florida.

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