jane-toppanJane Toppan, born 1857, was a serial killer in Massachusetts. She was born Honora Kelley. Toppan’s life goal was to “have killed more people – helpless people – than any other man or woman who ever lived.” Indeed, she killed at least thirty-one patients, although confessed to having killed more than one hundred.

Toppan was a nurse who worked as an “angel of death.” She injected patients with morphine until they died.

Toppan’s murderous career was discovered in 1901 when the Davis family, whose mother was friends with Jane, came to stay with her. The mother died first while visiting Toppan. Shortly after, one daughter died after asking for help from Toppan, who gave her injections. Then, the father died, followed by the other daughter, all of whom had been medicated by Toppan.

In court, Toppan was found insane – based on her many suicide attempts throughout her life – and was therefore sentenced to life in an asylum. At age 84, in 1938, she died.

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