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Todd Kohlhepp

Todd Kohlhepp
Todd Kohlhepp
Todd Kohlepp is a mass murderer and serial killer from Spartanburg, South Carolina, known for shooting seven people and holding a woman captive in a shipping container on his property.

Kohlhepp had a dysfunctional childhood – His parents divorced when he was young, he spent time with an abusive grandfather and moved around often. He exhibited violent behavior as a child, towards animals and other children, and spent time in a mental health institute. At fourteen, he was charged with kidnapping and sexual assault and served 14 years in prison. When he was released in 2001, he was a registered sex offender. That didn’t stop him from earning two bachelor’s degrees in computer science and business and becoming a successful real estate broker.

In 2016, Charles Carver and Kala Brown were missing from Anderson, SC for two months before investigators were able to track their cell phone locations to Kohlhepp’s 95-acre property, where the couple had been hired to clear brush from his land. On November 3, 2016, Spartanburg County police found Kala Brown chained to a metal shipping container on Kohlhepp’s property. Kala shared that Charles had been shot three times in the chest and buried in a blue tarp, then she was chained in a shipping container for 65 days.

Upon capture, Todd confessed to killing another couple, Johnny Coxie and Meagan McCraw-Coxie, and police later discovered their bodies on his property. He told police that they were hired to clean his rental properties. Charles and Johnny were found with their feet removed, which were never recovered.

Todd also confessed to killing four individuals at Superbike Motorsports in 2003, which was a cold case for ten years. In 2003, Todd shot four employees in under a minute, claiming that they teased him about a motorcycle he purchased months prior.

Todd Kohlhepp plead guilty for all accounts of kidnapping, sexual assault, and murder and was sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences.

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