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Allen Ezail Iverson, also known as The Answer, AI, Bubba Chuck, Jewelz, and The Third Degree, was born June 7th, 1975. He is a professional basketball player with the NBA. During his high school years, was convicted of maiming by mob.

He was at a bowling alley, and he somehow managed to get into a fight. However, he was granted clemency after four months of his five-year sentence, thanks to Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder.

During his basketball career, he has also been arrested for 14 other felony and misdemeanor charges, most of which were dropped in 2002, during his trial.

Iverson attended Georgetown University and was drafted for the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1996 NBA draft. He last played with the 76ers in 2010, but although he has not announced any plans to retire from the sports world, has not played professionally since then. Iverson, it is said, may have developed a gambling problem that has led to poor finances, influencing his decision not to retire just yet.

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