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Maurice Clarett is a former Ohio State football star. In January 2006, Clarett was accused of robbing two people at gunpoint in an alley behind a Columbus bar.

Prior to this crime, Clarett had encountered several scuffles with the law. During Clarett’s time at Ohio State, there were several rumors circulating about how he received preferential treatment and that Clarett (along with other Ohio State football players) was guilty of academic misconduct. However, this was never proven. In 2003, Clarett claimed that $10,000 worth of clothing, stereo equipment, and cash was stolen from his car–a claim that was investigated by the NCAA. Later that same year, Clarett was charged with misdemeanor falsification on the police report for the theft claim. In 2004, the following year, Clarett pleaded guilty to the charge of failing to aid law enforcement–a lesser charge than he was given originally. Clarett also (unsuccessfully) sued the NFL, challenging the rule that players must be out of high school for three years before being eligible for the draft. In 2005, Clarett was drafted by the Denver Broncos, but was subsequently cut during the preseason.

In regards to the 2006 incident, Clarett pled guilty to aggravated robbery and to carrying a concealed weapon. This carried with it a sentence of at least three and a half years.

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