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Part of the Crime Museum’s mission is to promote Forensic Science education. With the recent popularity of crime television shows, interest in this field is growing at all educational levels. However, it is often inaccurately portrayed by these programs and misunderstood by viewers and potential students.

The Crime Museum has partnered with several educational institutions to provide insight and advice about career pathways in Forensic Science. These varied universities, colleges, and forensic science programs each offer unique benefits and advantages. Whether you are interested in an advanced degree in Forensic Science or you are a high school student seeking more information about future college opportunities, listed below is information from the best Forensic Science schools in the nation.

To contact our Education Department directly, please email or call 202-621-5553.

University & College Forensic Science Programs

GW Ad Example The George Washington University
Master of Forensic Sciences
Washington, DC

High School Forensic Science Programs

NYLF National Youth Leadership Forum
Careers in Law & CSI
Washington, DC
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