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The Fight Against Terrorism & Hate Crimes

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Crime Museum’s newest exhibit is on Domestic Terrorism and Hate Crimes. This exhibit features terrorist attacks committed on American soil and will also address a topic that is often in the headlines — Hate Crimes. This exhibit will educate the public on how these crimes are classified and what they look like today. It will also include visuals and objects such as a runner’s medal and bib from the Boston Marathon Bombing, a Ku Klux Klan ceremonial robe, a noose from a lynching, and the gun used in the 2012 attack aimed at the Family Research Council in Washington, DC.

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Did You Know?

A “hate crime” is not a distinct federal offense. A hate crime is another crime (like murder or arson) but with the added element of “bias.” The FBI can investigate hate crimes as violations of civil rights.

The worst act of domestic terrorism in the United States was the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City. The 1995 attack left 168 people dead, including 19 children.

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