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The Musuem is Closed

getoutofjailWhile we would love to let all guests in for free, we simply cannot. We are a private museum; we don’t accept donations or grants, and are funded strictly by ticket sales. We do however recognize that there are many charitable organizations working hard in our community, and we are happy to help when we can.

All requests for free tickets must go through the following process:

  • Request letter from your organization must be on letterhead, with an official signature of an employee from that organization
  • Letter should include the purpose of the request
  • Number of tickets being requested
  • Reason that your group may qualify for free tickets (i.e. nonprofit; fundraiser; poverty level, etc.)
  • Allow at least one month to process and/or respond to all requests
    Schools & Groups

  • We offer discounted tickets for all groups
  • Title 1 Schools are eligible for a $10 rate
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