Ted BundyTed Bundy was born on November 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont and was described as a charming, articulate and intelligent man. These traits allowed Ted Bundy to get close to his victims. Bundy raped and/or murdered scores of women, strangling and mutilating his victims. He displayed their lopped off heads in his apartment and slept with their corpses until putrefaction made it unbearable.

He tended to prey on college campuses first in Washington, then in Utah and Colorado, and finally in Florida. His victims were women who looked much like a young woman who broke off her relationship with him.

Bundy was first arrested in Utah but escaped and continued his killing spree. He was stopped for a traffic violation in Florida leading to his final arrest, February 15, 1978. He was finally sentenced to death and died in the electric chair in 1989.

At the time of his execution, Bundy had confessed to 30 murders, though the actual number of his victims remains unknown.

Bundy often wore his arm in a sling or in a fake cast or his leg in a fake cast. He would ask his victims to help him carry things to his car or help load or unload things from his car. Once the victims got in his car or were leaning into his car he would strike them over the head with a crowbar or pipe; after hitting his victims, he would handcuff them to immobilize them. He was also known to impersonate authority figures, such as police officers and firefighters.

Ted Bundy was an intelligent, good looking man and many of his victims did not fear or question him because he did not look like a “monster” and was charismatic. Serial Killers can come in all shapes and sizes: do not be fooled by charisma, charm, and attractiveness.

Ted Bundy had driven two different VW bugs, both were yellowish in color. The car that Bundy was driving when he was first arrested in Salt Lake City, Utah, was the same car that he surrendered in an attempt to make bail. The VW bug that Bundy was driving when arrested in Florida wasn’t connected to any of his crimes.

Bundy had removed the bolts of the passenger car seat and he would often store it in the trunk. This made his victims impossible to see while traveling in his car.

For more information on the car, visit here.
The Ted Bundy Car is on display at Alcatraz East, this Museum opened Fall 2016.

During his final interview before execution, he not only blamed himself for his actions, but also blamed pornography.

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