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In a Jam

Nineteen year old Adam Cooper decided to make some extra money on the side when he got hired to clean the vents of a grocery store.  Cooper, after an honest day's work cleaning, snuck back into the vent system at…

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That Must Be Some Good Pizza!

Mary Gorsuch entered a small variety store located in Maine demanding money while threatening to shoot the frightened clerk. The threatened clerk did as told and handed over several hundred dollars. Satisfied with her day's work and having worked up…

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Super Glue Identification Method

Believe it or not, super glue is taking over latent fingerprint development, leaving fingerprint powders in the dust. The super glue identification method is becoming the next big thing. The cyanoacrylate fuming method, also referred to as the super glue…

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Stick to Your Day Job

Many young people dream of becoming police officers, however most attend an academy before patrolling the streets. Jose Santiago decided to take a short cut to living out his dream of patrolling the streets by purchasing a Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, which…

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Cop’s Corner- Domestic Violence

Who is the typical Primary Aggressor? DERWIN J. BRADLEY Law Enforcement/Counterterrorism I’m sure you all remember the incident where singer Chris Brown battered his girlfriend Robyn Rihanna Fenty, commonly known as Rihanna. I was discussing the incident with a fellow…

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Cop’s Corner- Introduction

DERWIN J. BRADLEY Law Enforcement/Counterterrorism I recently wrote and published a book entitled Black and Blue: Understanding Modern Law Enforcement In Your America. The book was written to try and give the average person a solid understanding of modern policing.…

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