Stick to Your Day Job

Many young people dream of becoming police officers, however most attend an academy before patrolling the streets. Jose Santiago decided to take a short cut to living out his dream of patrolling the streets by purchasing a Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, which he equipped with red and blue lights. Santiago was ready to go. He decided to wet his feet by driving in front of and blocking the way of the first car to pull into his apartment complex and motioning him to pull over. The puzzled driver did as he was told, got out of his car, and approached Santiago. Santiago, possibly auditioning for an Oscar winning role, started yelling at the confused driver about his speed.  When the baffled driver asked Santiago if he was really a cop he got another earful about his driving.  Having had enough, the driver pulled out his very real badge and identification showing he was an actual police officer.  Santiago then insisted he was a reserve deputy and quickly left the scene. Santiago thought he was off the hook until three days later when he arrived home to find some very real police officers waiting for him. Santiago’s one day on “the job” earned him 50 hours of public service and 24 months of conditional release.

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