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Police Officer Guilty of Murder

On January 17, 2013, Maryland courts found a former police officer guilty of murder. Richmond Phillips was found guilty of the first degree murder of his mistress Wynetta Wright and their infant child Jaylin. According to the prosecution, Phillips shot…

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Billy the Kid’s Pardon

New Mexico governor, Bill Richardson, has mere hours left to decide whether or not to pardon “Billy the Kid” in the killing of a sheriff.  The case dates back to 1881…so why the New Year’s Eve deadline you may ask?…

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The Serial Slasher Apprehended?

Was the serial slasher apprehended? On May 24, 2010, a predator began attacking his prey.  The Serial Slasher, or the Flint Serial Killer, as the predator has been called, is thought to have stabbed or beaten eighteen to twenty known…

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Art Forgery

What is art forgery?  For the most part art forgery is the creating and or selling of works of art that are falsely attributed to an artist that did not create the piece of art.  This can involve replicating an…

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