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Don’t Copy This Crime…

Paul Callahan had a mission- to rob a bank. After walking past a row of Fleet Bank ATMs, he carefully selected his target and entered the building. The suspect did not appear overtly suspicious, except for his gardening gloves as an accessory, as he approached the counter. Callahan discretely handed the clerk a newspaper that concealed his note demanding money. Unbeknownst to Callahan, but not the baffled clerk, the would-be robber was attempting to rob a copy store which had nothing to offer the robber but copies.  Undeterred, Callahan asked the copy clerks for directions to the nearest bank, which he later robbed with his trusty newspaper concealed note.  However, Callahan did not have long to celebrate his windfall since he was caught the following day when he called 911 to help him with his flat tire.

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