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The Serial Slasher Apprehended?

Was the serial slasher apprehended? On May 24, 2010, a predator began attacking his prey.  The Serial Slasher, or the Flint Serial Killer, as the predator has been called, is thought to have stabbed or beaten eighteen to twenty known victims in at least three different states—Michigan, Ohio, and Virginia.  So far, five people have died as a result of these attacks, while the remaining fifteen were injured.  The police from the three states have linked all the attacks to one unknown suspect based on descriptions and accounts provided by surviving victims and witnesses.  The Slasher was thought to be a white male in his late 20s or early 30s, with stocky build and a height between 5 feet 11 inches and 6 feet 2 inches.  He was also said to boast an unshaven appearance, a baseball cap, and a stud earring/bar in his left ear.  To see an image of the composite sketch for the suspect, click here.  On Wednesday, August 11, 2010, police in Atlanta, Georgia arrested Elias Abuelazam as a person of interest in the Slasher case.  He had been about to board a flight to Tel Aviv, Israel.

News reports indicate that police were led to Abuelazam by an anonymous phone tip to the Michigan police hotline.  Apparently the tipster was calling based on information that had been released about the suspect’s vehicle.   The Slasher’s vehicle had been described as an older model (1995-2005) Chevy Blazer or GMC Jimmy with a two-toned or dark green top over a light tan, beige, or gold bottom.  The tip led authorities to someone associated with Abuelazam, which in turn led to the liquor store in Michigan where he worked.  Upon further investigation, it was discovered that Abuelazam had hidden his dark green chevy S-10 Blazer at a Michigan home behind a shed.  His movements were traced from Michigan to Kentucky, and then from there to Atlanta where he was arrested at the airport before boarding a flight for Tel Aviv.  Abuelazam is currently being held on one count of assault with intent to commit murder in Michigan.  He is to be extradited back to Michigan to face charges.

The string of attacks by the Slasher started lasted from May 24, 2010 to August 7, 2010.  Based on those attacks, a trend began to appear.  The victims were primarily African American males with small stature or of older age—people perceived by the Slasher as being easier to physically control.   Only two victims did not fit this profile—one was white and the other Latino.  Some authorities therefore believe that these attacks were racially motivated, as none of the victims were been robbed.  Information gleaned from victims indicated that the Slasher approached unsuspecting victims who were on their own in the early morning hours.  He asked for directions or for assistance as a means to lure them closer to his vehicle.  The Slasher then attacked and stabs his victims, a very personal method for killing.

If you have any additional information that may be of value in this case, please contact Michigan police at 866-246-9500 or 810-732-1111 or 810-237-6800.  You can also call Crime Stoppers at 800-422-JAIL.  For more information regarding the case, please see any of the following news articles: CNN-1, CNN-2, CNN-3, NBC25-1, or NBC25-2.

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